Monday, May 31, 2010

Good news about Pepperidge Farm!

We received news that Pepperidge Farm is going to phase more than 2 million cage-free eggs into their supply chain! Thats about 2% of all their eggs! This follows countless emails and phone calls from EBAA members, generated through our website, which we were thrilled to take down! Congrats to Pepperidge Farm and its parent company (Campbell Soup) for making this compassionate decision!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ask Pepperidge Farms to switch to Cage-Free eggs...

East Bay Animal Advocates has launched our new campaign website Please take a minute to visit it and ask Pepperidge Farm to switch to cage-free eggs.

Please email:

Many major companies have begun to use cage-free eggs, however Pepperidge Farm still exclusively uses eggs from caged hens. These hens live their entire lives crammed into tiny “battery cages” where they are barely able to move an inch. This practice is so cruel it has been criminalized in California, Michigan, and the entire European Union. EBAA has tried reaching out to Pepperidge Farm privately about this issue but instead of converting to cage-free eggs, the company just sent a form reply defending its suppliers' animal cruelty. Please let Pepperidge Farm know that these inhumane practices are unacceptable and ask them to go cage-free! More information is available at

Thanks from everyone at East Bay Animal Advocates...