Thursday, July 26, 2007

EBAA calls on Longs Drug Stores to ban battery-cage eggs

Today, EBAA called on Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Longs Drug Stores, a Fortune 500 drugstore chain on the West Coast, to stop selling eggs from chickens raised in cages. Recently, EBAA obtained footage of a battery-cage egg supplier to Longs Drug Stores. The California-based egg purveyor, which markets its eggs under the notorious "Foster Farms" label, houses chickens in intensive confinement. Read an excerpt from EBAA's letter to Longs CEO Warren F. Bryant:

"EBAA would be delighted to work on the implementation of an exclusive cage-free egg policy with Longs Drug Stores. By adopting a cage-free egg policy, your company would join a national network of cities, educational institutions, farmers, and retailers that have committed to higher poultry welfare standards for egg-laying hens."