Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Democracy never tasted so sweet in the Golden State

Last night, the Ballot Initiative Campaign Rally kicked off in San Francisco with a strong show of support from Bay Area residents. Over 140 local animal advocates packed the halls of the SF/SPCA to learn more about the benchmark drive to protect millions of animals in California agriculture.

EBAA is committed to providing a strong base of support throughout the 13-month campaign to enact the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act into law. In fact, EBAA volunteers have signed on to collect at least 6,000 signatures before February 28, 2008. Our signature gathering efforts will be folded together with our public outreach for the
Lunardi's Abuse Campaign. All signature gathering volunteers must be registered voters. To register, please click here.

The Associated Press and Capital Press ran news stories this week about the new campaign to ban battery cages, veal crates and gestation stalls in the Golden State. Read an excerpt from the news story from The Associated Press:

"Nineteen million chickens in California produce about five billion eggs a year — making them the nation's fifth-largest supplier of omelets and scrambled eggs. Now, animal welfare groups hope to change the way the hens live and lay. The groups are collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to give the hens more room to roam. The measure would force farmers to change current practices that keep most egg-laying hens, veal calves and pregnant pigs in small cages or boxes for most of their lives. It would require that enclosures be big enough for the animals to fully extend their wings or legs, lie down, stand up and turn around."

Over the last several years, EBAA has examined the actual living conditions of animals in agriculture, especially egg-laying chickens, in the California's Central Valley.
Watch our mini-documentary about California egg production.

To learn more about animal cruelty in California agriculture, visit our
online hub.