Thursday, March 27, 2008

Game On: Get Active

As a watchdog group, East Bay Animal Advocates critically analyzes the impact of California agriculture on animals. EBAA encourages consumers to make caring, informed food choices. There are a variety of ways to get involved with EBAA, such as:

- Helping ban the sale of battery-cage eggs at Lunardi's grocery stores in the San Francisco Bay Area by leafleting at one of their stores. It's simple. Join EBAA's consumer campaign by adopting a store near you. Learn more about the campaign at

- By writing letters-to-the-editor, EBAA's Advocacy Author Group is designed to increase public visibility of humane issues and create opportunities for individuals to develop advocacy skills right from your computer.

- Getting your hands dirty at our monthly Farm Days at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in the San Joaquin Valley.

- By subscribing to EBAA's free email newsletter, you are supplied with a helpful dose of breaking news, campaign reports, upcoming events and action alerts. Join the e-news list.

Please contact Shani Campbell, our new Outreach Director, at to get active.