Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Gallon for the Gallos: Donate $5 to EBAA's Chicken Run to L.A. on July 4th!

Last month, we shared news with you about an amazing rescue in
the East Bay. On May 13, 2008, Oakland Animal Services
impounded a "shipment" of 500 day-old broiler chicks bound for
meat production in Washington. Visit the flock online at

East Bay Animal Advocates has been working with Oakland Animal
Services to ensure these young, bubbling birds are well cared for
and find good homes. Finding broiler chickens suitable homes is a
daunting task because of their lifelong health troubles. Chicken
adoption inquiries had been scarce. The future plans for the
Oakland Flock was unknown.

In an amazing turn of fate this week, EBAA received a phone call
from Animal Acres, a Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary. Read
an excerpt from the miracle phone call transcript:

Animal Acres: We heard about the Oakland Flock. That's a lot of

EBAA: Roger that, L.A.

Animal Acres: We have room to take 200 birds.

EBAA: Holy feathers. Let's celebrate the Fourth of July with a
road trip to Animal Acres!

As EBAA prepares for our six-hour trip to Animal Acres next week,
we are calling on you to donate $5 for a gallon of gas. We
expect our transportation costs, including a cargo van rental, to
top at $500. Your support is critical. Donate online
at SupportEBAA.org.

To L.A. or bust!