Friday, August 24, 2007

Cruel agribusiness practices must be halted

Today, Fedele Bauccio, the CEO of Palo Alto's Bon Appetit Management Company, wrote an interesting opinion piece for The San Jose Mercury News about intensive animal agriculture. Read an excerpt:

"According to a recent survey, animal welfare is one of the top three issues of concern to restaurant-goers, which may be a little unexpected for those of us who think of bacon as the fifth food group. Yet in a nation where two-thirds of the population has pets, it should be no surprise that Americans have a special place in their hearts for animals. With all of the recent media attention surrounding cage-free eggs and crate-free pork, it's clear that our consideration for animal welfare is expanding to those animals used on farms - a trend that should cause those of us in the food industry to take notice."

You can read the full article online by clicking here. Don't forget to express your opinions on this topic by writing a letter to the editor to