Friday, August 31, 2007

EBAA's Eight-Day Shopping Spree at Lunardi's: Let's pluck 'em dry!

Tony Lucia, the General Manager of Lunardi's Supermarket, proclaims: "Lunardi's considers the proper treatment of animals to be of critical concern…we share the same concern and compassion for proper animal treatment as most Americans." So, why won't Lunardi's give an inch on its company egg policy?

Unlike its main competitors, Andronico's Market and Whole Foods Market, Lunardi's thinks cramming chickens in cages for their entire lives is "proper animal treatment". Sadly, Lunardi's is out of step with reality and the concerns of its own shoppers.

Bay Area consumers and store employees agree that Lunardi's must ban the sale of battery-cage eggs (online

Join East Bay Animal Advocates for an eight-day advocacy campaign at the beginning of September's National Chicken Month. From September 4 to September 11, make an important phone call or fax a letter to a selected Lunardi's store location:

September 4: Danville Store
Telephone: 925-855-8920
Fax: 925-855-8928

September 5: Walnut Creek Store
Telephone: 925-939-6477
Fax: 925-939-7361

September 6: San Bruno Store
Telephone: 650-952-2851
Fax: 650-952-2105

September 7: Los Gatos Store
Telephone: 408-358-1731
Fax: 408-358-6232

September 8: Belmont Store
Telephone: 650-591-5768
Fax: 650-591-1868

September 10: San Jose Store
Telephone: 408-265-9101
Fax: 408-265-9115

September 11: Burlingame Store
Telephone: 650-697-5306
Fax: 650-697-8743

Don't forget to join us for a letter-writing party on Tuesday, September 4 at 7 PM at Pizza Plaza (6211 Shattuck Avenue in Oakland). Plus, we will be holding a special public demonstration at Lunardi's Burlingame store (1825 El Camino Real) on Sunday, September 9 at 12:30 PM. To participate, email

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