Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugurating Change: EBAA Welcomes New President

Dear Animal Lovers:

Today is an important day in history, as we welcome our new US President in to office. For East Bay Animal Advocates, we celebrate today with new leadership as well.

I am very excited to take the lead as president of East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA). Our grassroots organization has accomplished so much for animals since we first began our work over five years ago.

I started as a volunteer over two years ago, leafleting at EBAA public outreach gatherings and helping at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. I have been on the EBAA Board of Directors since the beginning of 2008. Within that time, we have accomplished so much for farm animals. Join us in celebrating our achievements for 2008:

· Throughout 2008 EBAA worked diligently on Proposition 2, which was a massive victory for farms animals in California.

· In July, EBAA honored our "Five-Years of Advocacy" and raised funds to continue our important work for farm animals.

· On July fourth, properly named Independence Day, EBAA safely transferred 200 "broiler chickens" from Oakland to a sanctuary in the Los Angeles Area.

· EBAA "sponsored" a new chicken barn at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, enabling them to take in more injured and discarded birds.

· We continued our campaign against Lunardi's Supermarket, holding demos at all Bay Area locations, educating the public about the cruelty of battery cages.

For 2009, EBAA has many exciting new efforts in the pipeline. Building on the momentum of Prop 2, we are asking everyone to get active for animals by exploring cruelty-free living, volunteering at an EBAA event, or making a donation (SupportEBAA.org). We have proven with Prop 2 that if people organize themselves with a clear mission, huge accomplishments can be made, saving millions of animals from unnecessary suffering.

So please join us in this new year of change and hope for our future and most importantly, the animals suffering immensely on factory farms. The misery must end now and the people to end it are us.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and advocacy!

Shani L. Campbell