Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Listen to Grandma: Try Everything Once...

Kicking off the New Year with FREE delicious Veg Meat is how East Bay Animal Advocates does it! On Saturday January 24, during a small break from the rain and drizzle, EBAA headed out onto the busy streets of Berkeley California armed with over 200 free samples of Gardein's new vegetarian Chicken and just as many Veg Starter kits.

In less than one hour we handed out those 200 Gardein samples and about 185 Veg Starter Kits. Every single person who took a sample was not only surprised at how delicious the "meat" was, they also questioned if it was really "fake meat".

One guy walked by with a box of real BBQ Chicken and turned down our offer of a tasty alternative- I asked him, "why not just try it? I guarantee you will like it!" He stopped in his tracks and replied, "You are absolutely right! My Grandma always said, try everything once..." Needless to say, he was glad he listened to his Grandma's advice and now knows a more compassionate choice for food!

Check back for information about our next demo and remember, Grandma knows best!